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One-Time Voice Broadcast

One-time Voice Broadcasting

Voice broadcasting is a fast and affordable way to get messages out to members of your organization, to deliver information to your customers, and to reach out to potential voters. We will dial through the list of phone numbers you provide, and deliver an audio recording you've created using our toll-free recording hotline. Real-time reports are included at no additional charge.


There is a $25 setup fee for each one-time voice broadcast you would like to make, in addition to a charge of $0.15 for each phone number in your phone list. This price includes up to 3 attempts to reach phone numbers that are busy or do not answer. Discounts will automatically be applied for phone lists with over 2000 numbers. There are additional charges to dial premium area codes, such as Canada, Mexico, Hawaii, Alaska, and Arizona. If you think you'll be doing broadcasts on a regular basis, you may want to consider signing up for an ongoing account.

Calling Hours:

Calls can be scheduled for any day of the week and will start at the time of day you select. All calls will be dialed from 10AM to 7PM, Arizona time. Should all of your calls not complete in 1 day, calling will automatically be resumed the next day.

Prohibited Uses:

It is illegal to use this service for solicitation calls of any kind. We also do not permit calls containing profanity or sexual content, and calls may not be used for any form of harassment. Database Systems Corp reserves the right to block inappropriate message content.

If you have any questions or need assistance with your broadcast, please contact us at (602) 265-5968.